Embarking on our massive family adventure

I have always had a passion and some would say flair for design and clothing. My mom started asking me from the age of about 9 to help her with pairing outfits for when she would go out to parties. I would also often lie awake at night thinking about outfit choices for my next “big party” that would occur most Saturday nights. The thought of the different colours and textiles and how they would look on me would excite me. This love of fashion permeated into design and I would often re-arrange the family lounge in the way I thought it looked best.  I read many fashion and design magazines and would make scrapbooks of fashion collages. I found myself dreaming of working with clothes one day but wasn’t certain as to how or with whom…..

I was surprised to then find myself almost 19 years later in the field of HR. Friends and family have always told me I should be in fashion, but I remember clear in my head that I was told from a young age “don’t do what you love, as then your love for that thing would fade”. My love was fashion so I thought if I worked in it every day I would lose my passion for it. I am not so sure I made the right decision not to pursue fashion but here we are today.

So…..my husband Peter and I have decided to take a year off from our careers and travel the world with our 2 ¾ year old son, Aiden. I will be blogging weekly about fashion, design and the different cultures we encounter and Peter will be blogging about the travel and itinerary side of things. As we embark on this momentous adventure I cannot wait to see what each country holds.

Obviously I am most excited about visiting fashion capital cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, New York City, Melbourne, Rome, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Milan and Paris. Walking the streets of Los Angeles excites me the most as I love street style and people who dress a bit “quirky”.

LA’s edgy fashion scene has made a huge impact not just on me but in terms of trend-setting over the years and for all the right reasons. They have artistic designer stores located in the downtown area and West Side’s Abbot Kinney Blvd is one of the coolest streets in America with an eclectic selection of boutiques and bars. Venice Beach is the home of Americana and baseball caps while Santa Monica is heavenly shopping right by the beach. I’ll definitely be spending a few days browsing the stores and taking something home (only what my small bag allows) from our Los Angeles leg of the trip!

The only problem with visiting all these heavenly fashion cities is that I will not have much space in my bag to allow for shopping. We are sort of back pack travelling next year and plan to make the trip more about experiences than possessions. Peter and I are fully on board with this except for the fact that some would deem me a shopaholic…. I plan to try and put this label behind me but… if I see something that I can’t live without I might just have to sneak it in (without Peter noticing).

I will also be blogging about the different cultures we encounter and I very much look forward to this. I visualise us immersing ourselves in the cultures that we are surrounded by as we will be essentially living us residents in most of the places that we travel. We start in Rio de Janeiro where the culture is Portuguese.

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  1. Courtney says

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!! I can’t wait to read more guys!! ❤️

  2. Marco says

    Well writen .Best of luck and enjoy the travels you can always leave a bag un london for me to take back for you xx

  3. Jeannette says

    Well done on getting started! Looking forward to your blogs. Enjoy it all, soak it up and don’t forget how special this family adventure is and the amazing opportunity you have to enjoy this world of wonderful people, their places and their creative spaces….. have fun!! And share with us!

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