Heatstroke, Hair frizz and shopping do not mix

Highlights of my second week in Buenos Aires

It feels like in week 2 of our visit to Buenos Aires we have done a lot less in terms of activities but my legs are telling a different story. My legs and my feet in fact have swelled up at the end of a long day on more than one occasion. I didn’t realise that walking could be so tough on the body and as much as I love to exercise, in 30 degree weather it’s not always ideal. I also struggle with heatstroke and for those that have suffered from it, know you can get quite loopy if you don’t stay hydrated. Peter is constantly telling me to drink more water but I mean who remembers to do things like that when you’re in the middle of an activity or a shopping expedition……I’ve really enjoyed this week of outings though with my Peter, Aiden and my mom. Highlights for me have included visiting the Japanese Garden, travelling on a train to El Tigre and then doing afternoon lunch and a boat trip along the river, going to the feria’s in Park Lezama and Plaza Dorrego and eating the best toasted sandwich which I have ever tasted in my entire life in a little coffee shop called Moka Deli (the Barracas area has two of them). Of course, there was lots more shopping at the ferias this week with my mom (excluding Peter and Aiden as they slowed us down at times J) and we even found more shops to look at in our local area.

Aiden and I hydrating before exploring the Japanese garden. (Aiden was doing most of the hydrating).
Exploring a special place, the Japanse garden, with my special man.
Playing with Aiden in Park Lezama, in between shopping at the local market.
Enjoying our boat trip down the river in Tigre.
Aiden thinking about pirates and going to “pirate island”

Shopping expeditions with my mom

My mom and I so much enjoyed the big feria by Plaza Delgado last week with so many different handmade crafts, shoes, fashion and food that any other market would struggle to match up. My mom was thus a little disappointed with the feria in Park Lezame near Barracas this week in the sense that it was mainly people selling their old house goods and well-worn clothes and shoes. I suppose it was more like a flea market. I enjoyed the experience as I  just enjoy looking at the people, hearing the local language being spoken and observing the culture. Aiden and Peter were in tow but the park has a fantastic playground so  Peter could take Aiden to play nearby on the monkey bars, slides and merry go round whilst my mom and I browsed the market, but in over 30 degree weather we didn’t stay too long at the park….I was a sweaty mess after the first hour (never felt heat like this in my life). Besides the heat and sweatiness, Park Lezama is a must see for anyone visiting Buenos Aires as its lush gardens and big shady trees (much needed in 38 degree weather) are stunning and there’s lots of paths to follow which take you up to a big monument at the middle of the park which is beautiful. For more information on the park check out this link.

After the disappointment of the market in the park, we returned to the San Telmo Feria on Sunday, this time without Peter and Aiden, and managed see everything that we missed the week before.

Mom trying to haggle on the price of the leather handbags…….. they were having none of it.
Mom, carrying her fully laden shopping bags. All in all a successful trip
An amazing selection of incense on offer……. And yes we did buy……
This jacket was amazing, and a very good price, if only it was in black.
These knitted cactuses are a must. But unfortunately they just wont fit in my bag
Aiden with his collection of knitted finger puppets, thanks gran.

Beauty and the heat

Much of the week has been spent sweating. The heat here is like nothing I’ve quite experienced and it’s been difficult to wear make-up and keep my hair looking remotely good (lets just say I wear it up a lot). Not that these things matter much on a trip quite like ours. On a massive adventure, you’re meant to be getting down and dirty……and looks shouldn’t matter really……. right? Well I agree that this trip is mainly about experiences but I don’t want to look like a dribbling mess in my photos do I? I’m going to be looking back on these photos one day and want to know that at least attempted some foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipgloss and so on  without it sweating down my face.

I’ve been looking at the beautiful ladies living here in the city of Buenos Aires this past week (not in a weird way) with their long silky hair and perfectly glowing faces…and been wondering how do they manage to look so fresh all the time? After quite a bit of thought and looking at products on offer here in the local shops, I think the answers may be;

  1. These ladies have lived here all their lives so their beautiful glowing skins have acclimatised to the heat
  2. They wear less make up (mostly BB and CC creams with just some mascara) but this concept is quite foreign to me as my close friends will know I never leave the house without full set of makeup on (I was just brought up like this) and finally
  3. They have the most amazing hair treatment products here that I’ve ever come across (with the humidity here at an all time high, most people’s hair will frizz so the products here are geared towards combating this and I must say the products clearly work as ladies hair here look so effortlessly silky).

Blorange, yes it is a colour

I didn’t mention in my blog a few weeks back in Montevideo that I visited a local hair salon there for a treat for myself and decided to do something different again with my hair and dye it “blorange”. The urban definition of blorange for those of you who don’t know is – “where someone dyes their hair blond but it looks orange”. It came out quite interesting……… and let’s just say thank goodness some of it washed out as it was quite intense to start with. Major language barrier with the hair stylist too and I nearly ended up having a perm with my blorange colour….ha ha!

The original Blorange
The Blorange today, a couple of weeks later

And the point is………

So this story is leading up to the point which is after dying your hair you generally need to make sure you do some sort of hair treatment soon after to keep it looking good and healthy. As I can’t go to my hair stylist back home, the much loved Jess of Carlton Hair in Cavendish Square, I started scouring around here for hair treatments I could buy off the shelf and I found some awesome products which I’m sure the locals use. Mary Bosques is the brand I’ve been using and its really transformed my hair into looking and feeling more silky.

Mary Bosques Labaratories is a trademark of Buenos Aires and has incredible and very affordable products which come in sachets and bottles. Check out their website now.

Not only does the product that I used make your hair super soft, it also helps with the detangling process when combing out your hair after washing. I have fine hair so I usually struggle a lot with knots. The product also has a lovely sweet fragrance and I found it to be quite affordable at R10 for the sachet. I will definitely be stocking up for our world travels as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the product further on. So I would most certainly recommend the product if you come across it on your shelves. I’m not 100% if they export the product yet but if they do…stock up!

Healthy, happy hair, thanks to my new-found hair products

I look forward to spending the last week in Buenos Aires with my mom. We have some fun activities planned (an Argentian steak, a walking tour of Plaza de Mayo and an open air bus ride). I’m sure there will also be some last minute panicked shopping to do before my mom leaves. So until next week…

Be awesome!

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  1. Courtney says

    I have just caught up with all posts!!!! What an adventure you are having my friend… Keep sharing with us please!! I feel like I am right there with you!!! P.S those knitted cactuses have stolen my heart, gorgeous!!!

  2. Jeannette says

    Chuckled my way through this blog …. just love it all, especially the blorange. Of course, the Mommy & Son photos are just beautiful! Seems time with Granny in Buenos Aires has been great fun! Keep enjoying the adventure.

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