Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport

And so, with passports in hand, we set off in January 2017 to write our book.

Our plan is to take each day, each country and each city or town as it comes. The aim is to keep the long term planning to an absolute minimum and immerse ourselves in the here and now.

With that being said we do have a basic route plan in mind.

From Cape town we head across the atlantic ocean to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The idea is to spend a week or two unwinding on the famous Copacobana and Ipanema beaches before heading off to explore what South America has to offer.

We plan on spending the better part of three months exploring South America before heading up through central america to the USA.

The USA is a vast country and our exact plans are at this time unknown, but we plan to visit some key cities such as Los Angeles, Miami and New York. We also hope to be able to organise a short road trip to the Grand Canyon.

From the USA, we will cross the atlantic for the second time and spend some time visiting family and friends in the UK. Before jumping the English channel to spend the northern hemisphere summer touring the great cities of Europe.

From Europe, we will travel to Moscow to catch the Trans-Siberian express and explore the vastness of Russia by train. We plan to head down to Beijing, China, either directly on the Trans-Siberian express, or after ending our train journey in the far eastern russian city of of Vladivostok.

After spending a short time exploring Beijing, we will make our way to India. Our intention at this time is to visit New Delhi, Agra and Kolkata. We are looking forward to navigating India and experiencing their somewhat unique transportation system.

From India, we will head into South East Asia, and spend some time exploring the beauty of Cambodia and Vietnam. After the hustle and bustle of the cities of India, Cambodia and Vietnam, we plan on spending a well deserved break unwinding and relaxing on the beaches and islands of Thailand.

Once the batteries are recharged, we will travel to New Zealand and Australia, via the ultra modern metropolis of Singapore.

We hope to explore the best of what New Zealand and the Australian east coast has to offer before heading across Australia to the west coast and to Perth. After what will have been nearly a year on the road, it will be fantastic to arrive in Perth and celebrate christmas with family.

This is our plan, and we invite you to join us on our massive family adventure by following us on Facebook and Instagram.