My 10 favourite photographs from our time in the mountains of Berchtesgaden

We spent a wonderful 10 days in the mountains for Berchtesgaden. The scenery we saw was breathtaking and like nothing we have seen before.

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and so rather than share with you 10,000 words, let me share with you my 10 favourite pictures from our time in Berchtesgaden.

A picture from a walk we took on our first morning in Berchtesgaden. What struck me was how green the grass was, and how blue the sky was.
The Salzbergwerk salt mine. We went on an awesome tour of the mines here. This picture shows just how quickly the weather can change in the mountains. This was the afternoon of the same day as the photo above.
I love this photo because I think it depicts just how cold it was. After days of rain, we decided to get out and explore despite the weather. Travelling all year in warm summer weather, we were not very well kitted for cold mountain weather. All part of the fun though.
After days of rain and overcast weather the clouds lifted and we awoke to snow covered mountain peaks. No wonder it had become so cold. There was no snow when we had arrived.
A picture from our day hiking around and exploring the Hintersee lake. It is so peaceful here, I think this picture captures the tranquility of the place.
Exploring the vast underground Nazi bunker system in the area. This used to be a very significant area for the Nazi’s. Other than being able to explore nature, there is a lot of history to be explored in the area, including Adolf hitlers “Eagles Nest” home.
The start of what turned out to be one of our most epic adventures. A walk from Koningsee to Obersee. It started with lots of rain, but despite the rain we carried on, and found some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen.
The amazing and beautiful Obersee lake. I think this pictures captures the remoteness of the location wonderfully. You can only get to Obersee lake by travelling across Koningsee lake by boat and then walking on to Obersee.
I chose this picture as it reminds me of what Berchtesgaden was, and that was loads of quality family time. Because of the remoteness of the town, and the weather, when we were not out exploring, we were inside our apartment playing or doing arts and crafts.
The church in Maria Gern. On our last day in Berchtesgaden we took a walk to Maria Gern, it turned out to be the hardest walk of our time here, due to the huge incline, but we were well rewarded with this picturesque church.

Choosing ten pictures, was almost an impossible task, but these are ten that hold very vivid and personal memories for me, I hope you enjoyed them and I hope they help to tell the story of our time in the german mountains.

To hear all about our adventures in the mountains, and what we did, I invite you to take a look at our our Berchtesgaden vlogs, part I and part II.

Until next time.

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