Spiritual Healing in L.A.

For those who read my blogs ? you will remember that I visited a fortune teller a while back in New Orleans. Among some of the things she told me she made certain mention to the fact that I needed to get back to believing in something again or I would start believing in something again. A bit vague yes I know, but whether that meant going back to Church/ starting up Buddhism (which she didn’t recommend) or simply doing meditation she alluded to the fact that I needed to do one of these things to find peace. I have been feeling a bit lost since leaving Cape Town back in a way as currently I have no job or purpose to define me. Yes I am a mother and a wife but I feel this year I needed something more. Even before meeting the fortune teller I was thinking that I needed something to believe in or a practice to do to ground me. So the fortune teller certainly cemented that for me. Travelling around the world sounds very glamourous and all but the travelling alone cannot fix what is broken inside a person. Everyone needs meaning in their lives in a sense that they need to feel spiritually/ physically and mentally fulfilled. I’m definitely what you would call a “hanger on” to the past and don’t easily forgive people. Once you are mean to me or cross me it’s most certain that I will take a somewhat long time to let you into my safe zone again. I tend to hold on to anger as well, which is not great. I have tried working on these things in the past and have also at times been overly honest with people and friends telling them the struggles I have endured in my younger years. Speaking to people has definitely helped ease the burden but inside I have felt this year that I need to do more for myself in order to let go of the past. So, I went about heading the fortune teller’s advice and decided that I was going to take ten minutes each morning for myself and sit quietly and do some breathing exercises and meditation. I thought that this might help me get in tune to what was not letting me let go of the negative energies….

This lasted about a week before life took over again and Aiden needed me in the mornings or I felt too lazy to put the time aside to do it. About a month went by where we visited Miami and went on our two week Disney Cruise and I did not put the meditation time aside for myself. We then hit Los Angeles which I was very excited about as I had picked out our air bnb for this leg of the journey based on the lovely photos of the air bnb. These photos featured buddha heads and candles in well sized rooms. The place had a very peaceful look to it. I didn’t know yet that at the time it had been predestined for us to stay at this specific air bnb for two weeks. For those who believe in fate, this was an event where I feel fate had a huge role to play. I am certainly a believer in fate and truly feel it was predestined that we stay at this certain air bnb. It was here that we met Melissa and Jude, the owners of our the apartment. They were so welcoming and made us feel right at home immediately. Aiden also quickly took an unusual quick liking to the apartment which was lovely (moving around can be so difficult with a toddler and so when Aiden feels relaxed, we do too).

We didn’t meet Jude straight away with his wife Melissa but he stopped by the next evening to introduce himself personally to us and check that we were getting on alright. Jude as it turned out was an African Shaman healer. He is originally from West Africa and so we had that African connection in common which felt nice and Jude almost felt familiar in a sense. We talked a while and he then offered us both a complimentary spiritual healing session. I have always been open to spiritual practices which include chakras and using stones such as tigers eye for healings. I used to practice yoga back home in Cape Town and try to meditate as often as I can (although my attention span could use some working on). Peter politely declined but I decided to take Jude up on his kind offer.

He was able to fit me in to his busy schedule a day or so later. I hadn’t googled Jude as yet and just thought that I would be in for some sort of yoga/ meditation lesson with him where perhaps I would learn how to focus better when meditating. I was certainly in for a lot more than I had bargained for. I began my session with one of Jude’s assistants Ana (she was lovely and really friendly). She taught me some breathing techniques and she explained to me a few practices/ blessings, that would help with certain things among them protection and anxiety. I then thought my session had come to an end but I was called through to see Jude in his separate office. Jude then chatted with me a bit about the different chakras and he explained what he did in terms of his spiritual healings and how they were conducted. I felt extremely at ease with Jude but obviously as most do, I had my reservations about what he did and in fact if he could really heal people. I have always believed that people have the power to think positively and then positive things may happen (mindset changes) but Jude’s work took it further than that as he explained that he calls to Mother Earth for strength to heal people. Without going into too much detail on my personal spiritual healing with Jude (as I would like to keep it private) I can say that it was very intense. Too give you some background and an idea of what Jude does I have included an excerpt from Jude’s website below:

“In his nineteen years as a Spiritual Healer, Jude has treated a variety of conditions including health issues, relationship and career issues, compulsive behavior, and even energetic issues such as elemental attachments – popularly known as ghost attachments, etc. You do not have to be suffering from an illness or disorder to receive Spiritual Healing. Having your aura cleansed from negative influence is always beneficial, as most everyone inadvertently picks up other energies as they move through our busy world.

This type of Healing is also helpful in supporting your body in adapting to the Earth’s changes as our planet raises Her vibration. The new energy that is arriving is coming to help the evolution of mankind. If we are not able to flow with this energy, blockages leading to crisis could be experienced. To support your body with the shifting vibrational frequencies, it is important to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle, increase your service to the planet and others, and maintain a positive and loving attitude.

With his vast knowledge of African Shamanism and the George King technique of Spiritual Healing, Jude feels confident in his ability to offer service.


It is Jude’s belief that all healing is possible, but not in all people, due to their individual Karma. Karma is simply “Cause and Effect.” For every action there is a reaction. When Jesus taught, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” he was referring to karma. Jude believes that Karma plays a role in all misfortune, and Spiritual Healing offers a way to balance this karma.

Thankfully, there is always hope to navigate your karma and improve your life regardless of circumstance. Jude encourages everyone to maintain a loving and positive attitude. This includes being of service to others. He also suggests that clients learn his Spiritual Healing technique to assist themselves and their loved ones.


Jude, our Airbnb host and Sharman

After my session with Jude I truly felt different and he said that in the weeks to come I will feel even better. I asked Jude why it was that we felt like we knew each other as we felt so comfortable talking and even Peter commented that there was an ease in talking amongst all of us, about our past history, certain misfortunes and even upbringings. I asked Jude directly why he thought this was? He simply said that he knew for certain that we had met in a previous life. He said it so matter of factly and unequivocally that I believed him instantly. It’s interesting how I went into L.A. feeling one way about myself and my past demons and came out of L.A. feeling completely different. Things can change. You need to believe that not everything is constant and you need to make peace with that and move forward. Yes, it’s not going to be easy at times but there will come a day where you will meet someone and they might influence your life in a way you didn’t think possible. I know now that meeting Jude was predestined and feel at peace knowing that we will meet again.

Until next week.

Be awesome.

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  1. Clive Barnett says

    An interesting piece – narrative. When Christ speaks, He does not speak of karma, He speaks with absolute authority on the laws of God. The concepts of sowing and reaping and how we set about sowing in our own lives: sowing kindness; compassion; etc are well embedded in scripture. The Biblical stance is that there is one life. If it were not so then there would be no need for Christ to be a Saviour. We could just carry on and have the opinion ‘I’ll fix it next time around ‘… I believe that the Godly challenge in this one life is how we take the negative events from our lives (Yes, we all have them – some more than others) and with God’s help use them to heal the hurts of others – sow into their lives.
    My very firm personal belief. Travel well – God grant you answers and peace. C

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